Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

hello peeps

good morning every day you start with bismillah. today rain and very cold. In the dormitories all got up early because it is held so that community service dormitories clean and tidy.
but I really feel like getting out early because the air is very cold outside. 15 minutes after I woke up I was still in my bed with my blue blanket. This Friday and 1 more day I would come home tecinta yippy. I can not wait to meet my family because it was a week in the dorms. This week more and more lessons and I have to be smarter to set the time. hopefully I can and the value was not decreased. ohhya .. This week the song is often played in the dorms is vierra songs:) of the children boarding the infatuated with their songs. yup 15 minutes I had to go to college. see you all wait for my new post ya:)

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